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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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office he can broi those prices down to 2.50 a gallon. newt gingrich made his message clear. >> step one is to drill. step two is the drill. then step three is to deep drilling. >> reporter: as a farmer house speaker addressed the crowd of 450 at the republican convention he took aim at president barack obama claiming him for america's dependence on foreign oil. >> he believes in small cars, an anti-american energy policy. he believes in high prices. he believes in government control. now, his challenge is running for reelections. the american people actually want the car and truck they like. the american people are pro-american energy by about 79-16. >> reporter: here is an interesting fact. according to a global oil group u.s. oil production increased from 2008 to 2010 by more than 1 million barrels a day and that
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reversed four decades of decreasing domestic oil production. gingrich claims america can be the largest oil producer in the world by the end of the decade by easing restrictions on offshore drilling and approving the keystone pipeline project. >> we have more than enough energy in the united states that we do not have to rely on foreign countries. >> drill, drill, drill is very important. if we have the resources and not going after them it is a common sense issue. >> reporter: while voters are divided when it comes to whom they are supporting in the gop race, they were happy to hear from gingrich himself despite the fact just a few weeks ago he included san francisco? bashing house minority leader nancy pelosi reacting to a comment by pelosi that she had information that would prevent him from ever becoming president. >> she lives in a san francisco environment of very strange fantasies and very strange understandings of reality. >> reporter: while some argue it
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insult the not just pelosi but the bay area itself, california republican leaders say the comments were misunderstood. >> newt gingrich came to california. he came right next to san francisco saying there is a better way. i don't think it has anything to do with other than nancy's desire to create rumors and try and affect the election. >> reporter: inhave i i guess tagss were text ended to all gop presidential hopefuls and the only one that shepd is gingrich. they have their work cut out for hems in california. thank you. mitt romney and rick santorum spent the day in michigan in search of votes. the primary is in three days and santorum made controversial statements about college and whether it is a good idea for everyone to get a degree. ron moth has the latest from detroit. >> reporter: in trying to bring rick santorum to his knees in front of a largely conservative
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crowd near detroit, rick santorum flung a hey maker towards president obama and higher education. >> president obama once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and he wasn't done. >> i understand why he wants you to go to college. he wants to remake you in thinks image. >> those were two of the jabs they threw today mostly in the direction of mitt romney, aaccount at thatting his conservative record as inconsistent. >> what you have with me is what you so he is what you get as opposed to well, what you see today may be something different than what you get tomorrow. >> santorum parlayed an argument to a clean sweep of colorado, minnesota and missouri earlier in the month leading to i asurge in national polling. both candidates stumped for support under the same roof vying for a race that appears headed for a tight finish on tuesday. the latest poll shows romney
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regaining a slight edge in michigan. >> i am a conservative. >> a state that some insiders say is a must-win. when it was his turn he quickly reminded the room that san tar you mean supported his bid four years ago. >> if you are a conservative there is only one play to go now. if you are republican and in the broadest sense, there is only one place to go right now. that's mitt romney. >> he said he is the clear conservative candidate. he is right. i am the conservative candidate and what we need in the white house is principled conservative leader ship and i will bring it. >> like newt gingrich both romney and santorum criticized president obama recently on the rising cost of gas and they too are pushing for approval of the keystone oil pipe lin from canada to texas, a project the presto poses and last year goldman sachs issued a reports saying the u.s. will not largest producer of oil in five years even without that keystone project. speaking of oil prices many employees at gas stations around
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the bay area were out yet again tonight putting up new higher numbers on the signs. the price of gas has shot up about 50 cents in just the past month. stephanie trong is in san jose with a breakdown of the numbers. >> reporter: hi, diane. the average price for a gallon of regular here in san jose stands at 4.25, up 58 cents from just a year ago. we spoke with local business owners who say these numbers hurt long after they leave the pump. >> at 4.25 you look at about 90 to $95 just to fill up. >> reporter: his san jose based limo business and livelihood depend on these numbers which he says sky rocketed in the last 24 hours. >> i got scared. it jumped about 30 cents over night and it is scary. we as a business owner, i can't raise my prices 25%.
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i can't. then i will lose business. >> the gas prices have gone up 70 cents. >> reporter: and he is struggling, manager of the pizza and dogs restaurant keeps a close eye on gas prices through the window and says if those numbers shoot up, so will the prices on his men why you. >> the price of the food products go high and we need more customers to cover that food cost and make more money and we don't see much customer because gas price goes high. they don't show up. >> reporter: even some of the customers visiting fa em from out of state suffered sticker shock at the prices. >> where we're from it is about 3.50 so over four made my stomach turnover a little. >> to fly up is expensive so we don't get to see them as often as we like. >> reporter: it is not expected to get better. soaring oil prices have risen 10% over the last month amid concerns about the tension spurring in the middle east leaving this small business owner to ask what many others have also wondered.
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>> it is really sad. what are we going to do? >> reporter: so far analysts predict we won't hit the record highs we saw in the spring and summer of 2008 but because of the uncertainty in the middle east we may have to deal with higher prices for a longer period of time. live in san jose, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. in the east bay traffic was backed up on the caldecott tunnel because of a power failure. it started around 5:00 and crews had to shut down the center bore of the tunnel on highway 24 east for more than three hours. look at the traffic. here is a bird's-eye view what it looked like. traffic came to a crawl. the closure meant delays for drivers headed west. the pictures here from ma rind a. they opened around 8:30 and we're told traffic is flowing smoothly in both directions. a man from south san francisco is in jail after a standoff with
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police that lasted several hours. the swat team and hostage negotiators were called to a home on second lane where they say the 22-year-old man had barricaded himself inside. earlier in the day officers say he started a fight that ended with gunshots and they say he was recently fired from his job and went to his former workplace with three friends to confront his manager. ultimately police arrested the former employee for attempted murder following the standoff and arrested a second suspect as well nearby. during the arrest one officer was injured and he was taken to the opt and is expected to recover. several more bay area cities are considering closing some fire stations to save money. san carlos, red wood city and parts of unincorporated san ma take owe are thinking of closesing one station each and replacing with a station they can share. they're all within a mile of each other and only respond to about 1 to 2 calls a day. he says consolidation just makes sense. >> right now we pay $7.5 million
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combined for all three stations. we would look to spend 2.8 to $4 million for a joint station and split it three ways. >> the savings is almost entirely from salaries. a san carlos fire fighter earns about $200,000 a year. the plan to consolidate is up for debate monte san jose city council meeting. coming up next -- >> you have five voices in your head. >> there you go. "america's got talent" takes the celebrity judges on a scouting trip to the bay area. we'll show what you they had to say about the local contestants and each other, plus we have a sneak peek at tomorrow night's oscars and some awards appear largely spoken for and a prestigious few could end up a surprise. >> speaking of surprises, the weather very likely to surprise you by how cold the afternoon will be getting and a chance of seeing some snow showers and not for the sierra but we're talking the bay hair hill tops early
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next week. we'll have a look at those when we come right black. ♪
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with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> violence in afghanistan continues as two military of ises were shot and killed. the army colonel and major remember gunned down inside a secure command center in kabul. today protesters attacked government buildings and a united nations compound shouting, quote, death to america. protests first erupted five days after after soldiers burned qurans at a military base. they have apologized for what they say was an accident and since then four americans have
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been killed. >> immediate measure we have pulled personnel from the various ministries and offices all over kabul. there is personnel of isef from all different branchs and in the support functions, assisting, technical assistance across kabul. >> president obama also issued a statement saying he welcomes the afghan's president for dialog and calm in the country. there is more violence in syria as the international red cross worked to help people evacuate from the hostile city of humz. this amateur video shows a funeral rally in one area of the city, even a smoke rose from shelling in another part of the city. a syrian humanitarian group says 28 people were killed across the country alone including nine and thousands more trapped inside the city at this point. the international red cross says it is continuing negotiations to evacuate more civilians after
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about 30 people, mainly women and irn which, were helped out of the city by the syrian red crescent yesterday. the locked out employees of a country club joined forces with members of the occupy movement in the east bay. hundreds marched from downtown pleasant ton tos castle wood today and marks the second anniversary of the lock out that left cooks and cleaners out of work. health slurns is at the center of the dispute. the managers say due to rising healthcare costs employees need to pay more to insure the families and members of occupy oakland and occupy san francisco walked alongside to show their support. now for a look at what's up in sports we're checking in with henry of comcast sports net. how did the sharks do after all? >> we're going to have a final on the sharks game, keeping a close eye on them and the best of the best from nba all stars start night. first, with the west coast conference crown a new regular
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season champ for the first time in over a decade and that's next from the exfinity sports decks.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. no doubt about it, for the past ten years the gonzaga bulldogs have been the top in the west coast conference and san antonio the st. mary's gaels have something to say about that. they were taking on usf with championship implications. second half, dellavedova knocks down three and later second wafl waldo takes it inside and stores and saipt mary's has to make free throws down the stretch and the wcc, first title outright n since 1989.
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>> special. that was like one of my goals and we had a bit of a slip up against lmu and got back on track and really good team effort. >> we beat a good team. they're playing really well and hard to guard. i am proud of what they did. we did something that was special. >> over to the nba, the challenge for all-star weekend, tony parker from the spurs is a winner and put on a great skill to play, dribbling, passing, shooting and defeated ray john rondo and darren williams who finished second and third respectively. how about the three-point shooting contest, kevin love and durant squared off in the finals and ultimately to a tiebreaker. love sets the bar at 17 points in the final round and durant with a chance to win and could only rack up 14 points. owom se e love for kevin love. he is your three-point shooting champion. of course we're going to have the slam dunk contest.
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jeremy evans on the jazz takes the title and even wore a camera on his head for a slachlt. evans edged out paul george, derek williams and chaste buttinger and evans won with 29% of the vote overall. how about those sharks visiting nashville? mid-first period sharks down 2-0. in front of the net and sneaks through 2-1 and later in the first kevin kline makes it 3-1 nashville and tomas replaces the net and 8:03 left and power play, shay weber hits the slap shot high, 4-2 and they go onto win 6-2 is your final. sharks trying to work their way out of a mini slump and diane what about you next year in the skills competition? i know you got three-point
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range. >> i totally got that going on. my children are now at home laughing at me as well for pretending. thanks a lot, henry. let's check with rob on the weather. there is a big change and it will almost feel like winter. >> finally, yeah, we'll see cooler temperatures and snow and not just for the sierra but perhaps even the bay area mountain tops and perhaps even some higher hill tops by the time we get to monday afternoon. right now outside not too bad. 40s around the bay wrar and keep in mind as we get to monday i think in the north bay we're going to see high temperatures in the upper 40s. we have canadian air conditioning spilling on down and our snow levels will be dropping with it. right now not a lot of wind out there and we'll probably see the breeze pick up a little bit as we head through the afternoon. the radar is still dry, continues to be that way up to the north coast and i think this time tomorrow night we will see those showers spilling in from the north and followed by very cold air, so in terms of the
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clor we have mainly clear skies which will help the temperatures dip into the mid-30s and some of our north bay valleys and 40s elsewhere and it is this system that will drop in on a string today and tomorrow spill in the clouds and in terms of the rain you can see the cold dryer systems really don't have too much moisture, most of it i think actually will swing by to our south and it will be cold enough as we switch over to the snowfall graphic you will see we'll have a chance of snow perhaps around mount hamilton monday and a good bet by tuesday night into wednesday. here we go, sunday afternoon, the clouds filling in. not much showers just yet. it will be sunday into monday, round one and round two will bring a lot more moisture we think as we get into tuesday and wednesday. the first round, that's mount hamilton, maybe the higher peaks in the north bay, a little snow. it will take more moisture and i think we'll get it come tuesday night. you can see in the sierra, look at the snow levels dropping down, colfax thwarts placerville on highway 50 and sierra foot
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hill snow and near 2,000 to 2,500 feet around the bay area on monday if the scattered showers and we will see quite a bit of rain, i think, for your wednesday. we'll wrap up the weekend and dry and cooler and highs in the upper 50s around san jose and maybe 50s in alameda and a cool day on the coast, 55 san francisco and the winds picking up for the afternoon, so the first few days of the week very interesting. here we go, sunday night into monday, highs upper 40s, low 50s, and snow levels near 2,000 feet to 2,5600 around the north bay and then the rain comes in on wednesday and look at the snow levels. not going up much. 3,000 to 4,000 feet which would mean mount diablo and hamilton could get a good dose of notice and sierra a foot or two on wednesday and things start to improve as we head towards the weekend. everybody will head to the sierra or hamilton or diablo for nice snow come wednesday. >> thanks a lot. can't wait.
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coming up next, "america's got talent" stops in san francisco today. we'll see you what howard stern, the newest judge had to say about the interesting folks who were auditioning. how did we do it last time?
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the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. hundred being waited in line for hours in san francisco hoping to prove to some celebrity judges they are the next big thing. we have exclusive interviews with the celeb judges as well. more auditions for nbc's "america's got talent" were held at the bill graham civic auditorium. they're being held in cities across the whole country ahead of the show's seventh season. this year there is a new face on the judge's panel, it is howard stern. he is replaced piers morgan. stern, howie mann del and sharon ost porn have been scoping out talent in san francisco and agree the city is offering big time talent. >> san francisco is going gang
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busters. >> it is really very quirky and fun and creative and i think we have found i would venture to say that we have found at least one act that i believe is going to be in the top ten. >> yrur+áu agree? >> i absolutely do agree. that is all you need, just one. >> actually, i am thinking about someone, too, now that you say that. at first, yeah, i think there is someone that will end up in the top ten for sure. >> yes, where he quirky. the final addition is scheduled for monday in new york and you can watch "america's got talent" this summer right here on nbc bay area. this year's award season will wrap up tomorrow night with the academy awards and tv crews finished up last minute preparations for the show at the kodak theater in los angeles. full-sized oscar statues line the red carpet at they re hearsay the presentations inside and as for the film, the black and white silent romance th "the
11:27 pm
artist" is said to be the favorite. >> "the artist" is by far and away the movie in front with all of the mirj guild awards. >> billy crystal will host the show for the ninth time and you can't see that actually on our air but you can see "america's got talent." thanks so much for joining us for the bay area 11. we have saturday night live next. we have snow and rain coming starting -- >> as early as monday. i think tuesday and wednesday will be the big event. >> great. have a good night.
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and now a message from the ghost of moammar gadhafi. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am back! hah hah hah. how's it going, america? [ cheers ] what a crazy couple of weeks, huh? i don't know if you guys saw this on news or on one of the thousands of cell phone videos, but i got murdered pretty bad last week. [ laughter ] and i know you're thinking, you know, did they really kill him? yeah, trust me, they did. i mean, they really tore me a new one, literally. but you know, i've learned a lot from this experience. so, i thought that i, ghost gadhafi, would offer you, the living, a few pieces of advice.


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